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Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you needed to copy different parts of text from one or more documents into a new document, and you had to copy and past while switching between source and destination applications. Well, that's what prompted me to create GsyLogger.

GsyLogger is a very, very small window that (normally) is always on top.

When you copy text to the clipboard, that text is automatically saved inside GsyLogger. The number in its window shows the number of saved clips.

You can deactivate GsyLogger by unchecking "Active" in the context menu. The digit in the window turns red to indicate that GsyLogger is turned off.
You can save the saved text to a file using "Save".
Clicking "Edit" will save the text to a temporary text file and open it with your default text editor (Notepad, unless you have changed the default to another text editor). Note: This will clear the saved data from GsyLogger, so if you wish to keep it, you should do a "Save as" in your editor.

You can download GsyLogger 2.0.1 here.