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I had downloaded a lot of videos in a single directory, and I needed to group them into separate directories, and also delete some that I just had no use for. I wanted to do this from inside the player, so I could watch a video, decide what to do with it and move or delete it without leaving the player. So I wrote my own player to do the job. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that other player has, but it has the basics.

Most of the functions are self evident. Here's what you need to know.

If you right click inside a video, you get a popup menu with three options; Delete, Move to subdirectory, and Move.. So why two different move options? Well, the directory picker that I opted to use always starts from the top directory, so you would have to click your way down to whereever you want to move your video file. The easiest way to sort your videos is to create subdirectories directly under where your videos are. The program will automatically list these subdirectories, and you just have to pick the one you want to move the current video to.

The menu item Shuffle under Options doesn't actually shuffle your selected videos when you click it. It sets a flag that means that your files will be shuffles when you open a bunch of video file or all files in a directory.

There is a Next button, but no Previous button. Why? Because I keep a list of the selected file names, and if you have deleted or moved files, that list will not be up to date. This is of course something that could be handled, but moving back and forth between files is not the purpose of this program.

I haven't put any great effort into making the program fool proof, so if you do foolish things you may well cause a crash. Selecting Delete or Move when no video is playing will most definitely do that. In most cases it will not be a catastrophic crash, so just clicking OK should let you continue. You do, however, get the option to click Exit program.

1.1.0 Adds an About dialog that also checks for updates.
1.1.1 Now uses a corrected version of GsySettings so changing hotkeys works as intended.
1.2.0 Fixed so that hotkeys are displayed in button tooltips
Had to make a small change in how the update check was made due to a change at my ISP.

GsyPlayer version 1.2.1 - 25 nov 2014