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I wrote this in order to keep track on how long my ordered DVDs have been in transit. But it can of course be used to keep track of any events that have a start and end date. Items are sorder with the longest waiting first. To add a new item you select File→Add Title. This brings up a new row where you can enter data. The shipped date will default to today, but you can change that. To enter an item that hasn't shipped yet, just delete the date.

You select a seller from the drop down list. Use Tools→Edit Sellers to maintain a list of sellers. Use Tools→Logging to turn logging on/off. When logging is off, the caption on the buttons at the right will be "Remove". When logging is turned on it will be "Arrived", and then you cannot remove titles that have not shipped. If you need to remove a title that does not have a shipped date, you need to turn off logging temporarily.

When logging is on, clicking on "Arrived" will remove the title and also write to the log file "GsyShipped.log" in the Documents folder. If you do not mark a title as arrived on the day it arrives, you can right click on the "Arrived" button and select another date.

If you select "Earlier" you get a small window with a date selector. Note that the program does not do any checks on that date. It will let you specify a date in the future, or a date before the shipping date, regardless of the fact that it does not make sense. So you make sure you set the intended date. Of course you can always edit the log file and correct the date there, but remember that settingthe wrong date also make the number of days in transit to be incorrect.

The log file contains a row for every arrived item, and each row contains five fields, separated by semicolon, like this:
The Blob;2014-10-16;2014-10-24;8;Twilight Time
That's title, shipped date, arrival date, days in transit and seller.

If you want to create statistics for transit times per seller, you can import the log file into the spreadsheet program of your choice.

GsyShipped 1.1.1 Adds the possibility of assigning an expected arrival date. Right click on the seller button to bring up a date dialog:

When you have set an expected date, two things happen. First of all, if you move the cursor over the seller button, a tooltip will show when the item is expected to arrive, and how many days are left (or how many days overdue it is). Secondly, if the item has not arrived at the expected date, the number of days displayed will change to red. Expected  date is not logged to the log file.

New in 1.4:

Note: If you have logging enabled "Remove" is not available, but "Set arrived" is. So if have logging on and you want to delete titles without adding them to the log file, you need to temporarily turn logging off.

1.1.2 Had to make a small change in how the update check was made due to a change at my ISP.
1.2.0 Changed sort order in the list. It used to be Ship Date descending / Title ascending. Now it is Ship Date descending / Seller ascending / Title ascending. This way shipments are kept together for order shipped the same day (and for not yet shipped orders).
1.3.0 Added option to not set ship date when adding a title. Useful if you normally add titles when you order tham, rather than when they ship.
1.4.0 Added checkboxes and menu choices to process several titles at once. See above.
1.4.1 Fixes a bug when setting arrived for multiple items.
1.4.2 Number of checked was not reset when removing multiple items.
1.4.3 Fixed a problem that caused an error if more than 9 items were added at the same time.
1.4.4 Added integration with AsinInfo.

You can download version 1.4.4 here.