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This is a utility of very limited use. Enter a movie title, press "Search" (or just hit Enter), and it starts an IMDb search for that title in your default browser. Now what's the use of that, you probably ask. Well, very little. You can do the same search directly in your browser. So, this looks like a totally useless program. Yes ... but wait! There is more!

This program really becomes useful only when you minimize the window. Odd, right? Well, here is what it does. It watches the clipboard (but only when minimized). And as soon as some text is copied to the clipboard it initiates an IMDb search for that title. So, if you have a list of titles that you want to know more about, just select a title and click ctrl+c. If the "Exact" checkbox is checked it does a search for what IMDb considers to be an exact match.

And there's a further little gimmick. If the exact match doesn't give you what you wanted, you can do a regular title search by just copying the exact same text again to the clipboard. The second time the program receives the same text it will do a regular search. No need to restore the window and uncheck the checkbox.

Of course, if you expect that the exact matches will not be the most useful, you can uncheck the checkbox before minimizing the window, and you'll always get regular searches when copying text.

There are addons to Firefox (which is what I use), and probably to other browsers as well, that let you search IMDb. But they tend to do only do standard searches, this gives you greater control. But the big advantage is that you can do it from any program with ImdbLookup.

The thing that prompted me to write this program was that I had a spreadsheet with quite a few titles, and I wanted to complete it with IMDb scores. And the spreadsheet program didn't have any IMDb addon.

Version 1.0.0 of ImdbLookup is available here.