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This is a small tool to help you find those annoying misspelled words in the overview. It uses the spellcheck that is built-in as part of WPF Textbox. It does have some limitations that you'll have to live with.

For one thing it only spellchecks in English and in the installed Windows language (if other than English, that is), so in my personal case, English and Swedish. It's possible that it can handle other languages if the Windows Language Pack for that language is installed.

Another limitation is that you can't add words to the language dictionary. So you'll see some words, like "Blu", flagged over and over. And of course there are a lot of names that it will not recognize.

Like many of my programs, this works off an exported XML file. If you have used my program ProfilerQuery you will be familiar with that. If not, do download ProfilerQuery and read the help file. It will tell you all you need to know about exporting to XML.

This program will only show overviews with suspected spelling errors. That means that it will bypass any profiles that have no errors, and any that it cannot spellcheck because of the language. And by the way, it uses the locality to determine what language to expect.

You can right-click on a misspelled word to get a suggestion, but remember to check it against the actual back cover. At least if you plan to contribute the change to the online database.

Clicking Edit overview will open the profile in DVD Profiler. For this to work properly, make sure that all filters are cleared in Profiler.

The slider below the image allows you to zoom the back cover up to 400% from the initially loaded size.

Important: In order to find the back cover images, the program assumes that your database is named Default. Please let me know if you need to specify another database name, and I might add that as an option.

Download version 2.3.0