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This is a program that is intended to be used in conjuction with DVD Profiler from Invelos.

The idea with CastCrewCheck is to allow you to check that credits entered into DVD Profiler, or credits you are about to enter, actually match the credits in the film. There are basically three ways to enter the credits into CastCrewEdit:
1) Copy / Paste from DVD Profiler
2) Copy / Paste from DJ Doena's Cast / Crew Edit 2.
3) Open a profile that was exported from DVD Profiler (File->Export Profile Database...)

Under Tools in the menu you can select On Top to keep the window above your media player window, and Translucent to make sure you don't miss any credits.
If you right click in the list you get a context menu:

This lets you modify the cast and crew list as needed. When you copy from CastCrewCheck, you normally only get those entries that you have checked. The whole idea of the program is that you check off each credit as you see it in your media player. However, if you uncheck Tools->Copy only checked items you will get all entries, checked or unchecked.

Help file included.

Note: You should use with Cast/Crew Edit version 2.1.44 or later! And you should use the 32 bit version of Cast/Crew Edit

CastCrewCheck 3.0.0