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This is my modest collection of Windows  freeware.
Follow the links for a more detailed description and a download link.

General tools:
AspectGuide - A tool to discover the aspect ratio of a movie that you play on your PC.
GsyLaunch - A program launcher that helps keep your favorite programs available in logical groupings.
TmdbInfo - Browse data from The Movie Database.
SlowStarter - Delayed startup of programs when Windows starts.

Tools specifically for DVD Profiler users:
BirthYearCheck - A program to check for persons in your collection that needs (or may need) a birth year.
BoxSetInfo - A program to check for non-compliant data in box set parents.
CastCrewCheck2 - A program to help verify cast and crew in DVD Profiler.
CastCrewQuery - A program to query specific cast or crew members.
CastGroupCheck - A program to help find cast that needs group dividers.
CLTinfo - A program that takes the output from mediadogg's CLTBoss and formats it into an easily readable format.
CollectionCheck - Copy a title or a UPC to the clipboard to check if this title is in your collection already.
ContribLookupPlus - Help finding contribution notes.
CommonActor - A program to find actors that are common to two titles, or films that two actors both are credited in.
CommonNameTool  - A tool to help find common names.
CoverInfo - A program to inspect the pixel dimensions of cover scans.
CreditVariants - A program to inspect name variants where the CreditedAs feature is used.
DodgyNames - A tool to find possibly incorrect names.
DpComparison - A program that let's you compare online profiles.
DpOnlineBrowser - A program that lets you fetch data from Invelos online database.
DpSuperSearch - Advanced search of overviews.
DpUpdateCheck - A program that lets you compare your local profiles with their online counterparts.
DpXmlAnalyzer - Analyze a faulty XML export file.
DvdpCompare - A program to compare two profiles.
DvdpScheduler - Run Profiler maintenance automatically on a schedule.
DvdpVerify - A program to help auditing an existing profile.
EpisodeCheck - Keep track of watched TV show episodes.
EpisodeSort - Reorder TV show episodes in a profile.
GsyCastCrew - A program that helps users of DVD Profiler to enter cast and crew from the film credits.
IdCheck - Identifies profiles added by Disc ID where the ID in the disc section doesn't match the profile ID.
ImageTest - A program that lets you find cover images that may need to be improved.
InvalidBYs - A program to check if you have invalid birth years in your collection.
MonoCheck - A program to determine if an audio track is mono.
NameCheck - Finds names that appears as regular names in some profiles and as Credited as in others.
NameParseCheck - Checks if you have cast or crew in DVD Profiler that have their names parsed differently in different titles, for example Barbara/Bel/Geddes and Barbara//Bel Geddes.
OverviewCheck - A program to help users of DVD Profiler to find erroneous overviews.
OverviewCheckPlus - An advanced program to help users of DVD Profiler to find erroneous overviews. Needs HTTPJolie
ProfileMerge - A program to merge two DVDProfiler export files.
ProfilerMissing - A program that shows an overview of missing data in DVD Profiler collections.
ProfilerQuery - A program to make statistical queries about your DVD collection if you use DVD Profiler.
SelectedInfo - A program that shows info from OMDb when a profile is selected in DVD Profiler.
TmdbCheck - Similar to CastCrewCheck2, but uses data from The Movie Database.
TmdbTvShowCheck - Similar to TmdbCheck, but for TVshows.

Note also that AspectGuide, although not made specifically for Profiler users, is indeed very useful when profiling movies.

I have also created a DLL named PqLib.dll, which basically is the query engine from ProfilerQuery, without any user interface. If you are a developer and you are interested in what this can do, give me a shout.

Installing and uninstalling:
Most of my programs do not come with an installer. You just open the zip file and drag (or copy/paste) the enclosed catalog to wherever you want it.
You can create a shortcut to the .exe file and send it to the desktop, or wherever you want it. Drag the .exe to GsyLaunch if you use that.
Since there is no installer, there also is no uninstaller. Just delete the catalog and any shortcuts you have made.
There is very little data saved outside the program catalog, but if you need to clean it completely, here is where data is stored:
- In the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Gunnar Syrén\[program name]
- In AppData: C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Gunnar Syrén\[program name]
- GsyLaunch saves backup in Documents/GsyLaunch, and GsyLogger saves log files in Documents/GsyLogger.