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This is a program that finds actors that are common to two specified movies in DVD Profiler, or films that two selected actors both appear in.
As with my other Profiler tools it uses an exported collection file.

Profiles that do not contain any actors show up unselectable, in gray.

Things to be aware of regarding the Common movies tab:
- Extracting all the actors from the collection can take a while. In my collection there are currently 115610 actors. When you have loaded the collection, the common movies tab will remain disabled until all actors have been extracted. This can take a while depending on the size of your collection and the speed of your computer.
- When you enter an actors name, the name list will not be populated until 2 seconds after you stop typing. This is so that the program doesn't have to scan through the whole, possibly very huge,  actor list for each character you type.
- Although the program wasn't really designed to list every film that a certain actor is credited in, I found while testing that I sometimes saw a name and wondered just what film(s) he/she was in, so I added a little feature, You can enter just a single asterisk (*) in either search field and an actors name in the other, and you will get all the films that the actor is credited in.

Version 2.0.2 can be downloaded here.