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If you think that the name DpSuperSearch sounds a bit too "super" for what the program does, then yes, I confess. It is. I started out with too high ambitions, but when I toned them down the name stuck. Live with it! ;-)

Anyway, what it does is to search the overviews for one or more words. It gives you a little more control than the search in DVD Profiler itself. Here's what it may look like:

The first column shows how many of the search arguments that were found. The second shows total number of hits. The right pane shows the overview with the hits underlined. Under Options in the menu you will find "Full words only". If you check that menu item you will only get hits for ... you guessed it - full words.

There are a couple of search tricks that are, for now, undocumented (since there is no help file at this stage):
* Use underline instead of space to make two (or more) words be treated as one single search argument. So "King_Kong" will not find "King" or "Kong" alone, but only "King Kong".
* The search is partially based on Regex, so if you're familiar with that, you may experiment with what works and what does not. I'm no Regex expert, but I know this:
- A period will match any character. So a search for "Kong." will match both "Kong " and "Konga", for example.
- If you don't check "Full words only", you can still force full word search for one or more search argument by enclosing them in "\b". So "\bKong\b Gorilla" will force a full word search for "Kong", but match any string that contains "Gorilla".

Note that the searches are always case insensitive.

Download DpSuperSearch 1.3.0 here.