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This program requires mediadogg's plugin HTTPJolie version 1.21 or later. Make sure you have it installed and working before you try to run DpUpdateCheck!

DpUpdateCheck reads an XML export from DVD Profiler and compares each profile with its online counterpart, and creates a flag set of all profiles that have differences.

By default it does not compare sections that are locked in your local profiles. It also ignores case differences in names, and name parsing (Max/von/Sydow = Max//von Sydow ).
Make sure you read the help file. It contains important information!

Version 2 does not need an export file. It gets local data from HTTPJolie. It also offers more flexible selection of profiles to examine. It is about 50% slower, but who needs speed in a program like this?

Version 3 now comes with companion program DpUpdateCompare. See the help file!

Download:  DpUpdateCheck 3.2.2