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This is a program launcher that was inspired by TurboLaunch from Savard Software. What primarily differs from TurboLaunch is that GsyLaunch is more dynamic when it comes to its layout. GsyLaunch uses WPF:s WrapPanel to display its program icons.

You drag a file or a shortcut to GsyLaunch, and it creates a button with the program icon. When you click the button, GsyLaunch starts the program if it is an exe-file, or launches the file with its associated program. You can also specify another program to launch the file. You can add any number of tabs, rename tabs, add any number of buttons to a tab.

You can change the order of the buttons within a tab, or copy a button to another tab. You can change the order of the tabs.

Clicking the button with the question mark opens the help file. If the help file doesn't display correctly, see the READ_ME.txt file for the solution.

Please note that you can't use GsyLaunch for shortcuts to Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, aka Windows Store apps.

Version 2.6.0 is available here.