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This program can be used to help identifying needed common name changes in your DVD Profiler collection. Just like ProfilerQuery, this program operates on an exported XML file of your collection.If you are not familiar with exporting your collection, see the documentation for ProfilerQuery.

When you open your collection file in NameCheck you will see a list similar to the one above. It lists those names that occur in the regular name field in some titles and in Credited As in some other. This indicates that they may need modification in order to link properly.

Double click on a line and you'll get a new window that will look similar to this:

Double clicking on a row will select that title in DVD Profiler if it is running.
This is as far as this program will help you. Now you need to decide what the common name should actually be. You may use the Credit Lookup at Invelos or check the common name threads in the Contribution Discussions forum.

Download NameCheck 1.2.0 here.