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OverviewCheck 3

If you have used the previous version of OverviewCheck you have a good idea what this program does. This version has been extensively rewritten, though. It may look almost the same as before, but there are some important differences.

First of all, this one does not use the spell-check that is built in to the WPF Textbox. I found that one too limiting. So this version uses the same type of dictionaries that OpenOffice and LibreOffice use. Thus we can at last differentiate between British English and US English. No more flagging of words like colour in the overview of British releases.

You can now go back to profiles that you have flagged as Verified, as long as you do it within the same session. I used to see things in the corner of my eye when I had verified a profile in the old version and moved to the next. And then it was too late to go back to check if there was an error that I had missed. No more.

When you see an error you can now get suggestions. They open in a small window, and if it's a word that may be difficult to spell correctly you can double-click on the suggestion and it will be copied to the clipboard. Then you can just paste it in to the overview, overwriting the erroneous word.

All english-speaking localities can have their own dictionary. If not, the spelling will fall back to US English for these localities. So if you have, say, Australian titles, they will use the Australian English dictionary if you have it, if not they will use the US English. By the same token, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish speaking localities will fall back to the main language if local dictionaries are not present.

Overviews with suspect words have a light pink background. Overviews that cannot be spellchecked because of no applicable dictionary have a light yellow background. Overviews with no errors have a white background. Such overviews are no longer bypassed. I found that they were quite few, most overviews have some names that are not recognized, so I felt it was better to show all profiles that actually have an overview. And you may spot problems in an overview even if there are no spelling errors.

Personally I don't bother to check that profiles are verified. I fix them and move on, so just having the program keep track of my progress is enough for me. I do know, though, that others like to skip problematic overviews and to be able to go back to them later. For them marking all but the problem overviews helps with that. Now you can chose Auto verify in Settings, and have the Verify checkbox checked automatically, and just uncheck it if you need to go back to that profile. Or you can do it the old way. Your choice.

The program comes with British English and US English dictionaries. You can find other dictionaries for OpenOffice and LibreOffice on the Internet. You will find that they have an .oxt extension. After you have downloaded one, change the extension to .zip. Unzip it and find the files that have .aff and .dic as extension. They should have names in the form xx_XX, for example sv_SE.aff and sv_SE.dic. Put them in the Dictionaries folder and you should be good to go.

You can download version 3.7.3 here.

If you upgrade from a previous version, do not delete the old folder. Just copy the new files over the old.