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This is a program that is intended to be used in conjunction with DVD Profiler from Invelos.
It is used for statistical queries against an xml file that is exported from DVD Profiler.
Say you want to know if any of your DVDs that are not  from US, Canada or Britain include BD Live material.

You add your selection criteria. Under Presentation you specify what fields you want in the result. You click RUN! in the menu, and you get your result.

ProfilerQuery 5 now lets you add Blocks. Please see the help file for information!

Take a look at ProfilerQuery Tips and Tricks.

Note: Double clicking on a row in the result will select the profile in DVD Profiler. If Profiler is minimized it will be restored first. However ...
- Restoring Profiler will not be possible if it is minimized to the system tray, only if it is minimized to the task bar.
- If Profiler is running elevated (i.e. as administrator) ProfilerQuery will not be able to send the keystrokes to select the profile unless ProfilerQuery itself is also running elevated.
- If Profiler is restored from minimized it cannot be minimized again unless you first click on its icon in the task bar. If Profiler is running elevated, even that will not work, and as far as I have been able to find, there will be no way to minimize it again without restarting it. This is not a bug in ProfilerQuery, but rather an effect of how Microsoft has implemented the ShowWindow API.

ProfilerQuery is now PM-ware
It is still free, but I would appreciate a PM
on Invelos if you find ProfilerQuery useful.

Download ProfilerQuery 5.0.7
Portable (extract folder from zip file)
Installer with uninstall support (zipped exe file)

Please note: For interactions with DVD Profiler, ProfilerQuery works best in conjunction with mediadogg's plugin HTTPJolie (version 1.12 or later).