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This is a program that does what the CLT (Credit Lookup Tool) at Invelos does, but with more information.

Important: You need mediadogg's plugin HTTPJolie, version 1.61 or  later.

The name TurboCLT is a little bit tongue-in-cheek, because it's not really fast. But it's a lot faster than mediadogg's old CLTBoss. The main advantage over the regular CLT is that it lets you filter on crew roles, which can be really useful when you have several people with the same name. Listing the titles in alphabetical order also helps highlight incorrect production years. Note that "Blades" shows with three different years.Theoretically it could be three different movies, but in this case it is not. So at least two of those production years must be incorrect. Ideally someone should correct this, and three titles would turn into one.

Download TurboCLT 1.3.6